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Furnishing and decorating sometimes can be tricky and a lot of people have not the feeling to come up with it just like that.

The desire for a change of the room in most cases is clear and rigorous. Sometimes we are just unhappy with the furniture or the functions of the rooms. Sometimes life brings changes that require changes in our home: We have to move to another city, there is a water damage in the house or the new love want’s to share our home.

But how to change the room in a way it fits the new requirements often is not that easy to find out.



…we are unable to chose one of several solutions.
…there seems to be no good furnishing for the demanded functions of the room (e.g. home office AND bedroom in one room).
…we fear that it won’t look good in the end.
…we even don’t know where to begin the redecoration.

The question is:

What is the best approach to a (re)furnishing or (re)decoration project of one room or the whole apartment or house?

My experience tells me: the best approach is a methodical one.

Yes, methodical. Not ad hoc or on a gut level. Not the way we always do or the way your sister in law did it in her apartment. Its methodical, step by step, meaning not the last step before the first.

For there are steps you can go, one after the other, and they provide you a perfect base for a satisfying decoration result. A short analysis and an underlying concept is the key for easy designing and decorating your rooms.

And this are the 6 steps:

  1. make a short analysis
  2. tidy up, declutter and clean (yes, also cleaning, and especially at this point of the process)
  3. define the functions of the room(s)
  4. create a color scheme
  5. chose furniture and decoration
  6. arrange the light

That does not sound too exciting at the moment. But the result usually is! Because these steps establish a coherent room solution and design.

I often see, that step 3 (functions) is missing, and step 4 nearly never happens. But especially a harmonic color scheme is super important, because it determines if a room is agitated or calm, if the expression of an apartment is harmonic or random.


Often step 5, buying furniture and decoration is done right in the beginning, even without knowing which functions are right for which rooms. In the end it is hard to create a harmonic result, where furniture, decoration and room correspond in a nice way.

To each of the 6 steps are some rules and tricks to know, for an effective application of the steps. The more you stick to the steps, the more satisfying the result will be.

Of course, there are people with a natural sense of forms and colors, they can just go into a room and redecorate it without any plan and the result is fabulous. But most of us are not Mozarts when it comes to decorating. And for the rest of us, whatever talent we may have for room design and decoration, the following is valid:

Room design and decoration for your home is no space science. Anyone can learn it. Anyone can do it step by step. I am sure, it’s much more about getting in contact with your rooms, your needs and wishes. And then the result can be rooms, that are your perfect home.




Do you want to know more about these steps? Or do you have a certain decoration project you want to start? Than my shortly coming up online course for decoration and room design could be the right thing for you.

The course leads you through all the steps in detail, there are a lot of pictures and instructions for guidance and you get tips for the design of the most important rooms of your house.

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