Since 2009 architectural psychology and psychology of habitation is “my field”.  Before this I worked at the University of Leipzig in research and teaching and for several years as a senior manager at a company for psychological and medical assessment.

The issues of habitation, architecture and interior design had been my passions since I was a kid. I even thought of becoming an architect at one point, but sticked to psychology – a decision I never regreted. Combining my profession with my field of passion I created my dream job. The question how rooms take influence on us on the one hand and designing rooms to create a certain effect on the other hand is my passion. And of course to write about these two aspects of my work.

After 20 years in Hamburg, in 2019 I moved back to my hometown Linz in Austria.

Sport is my source of energy and recreation; at the moment I prepare for my first triathlon in May 2022. I also love hiking in the Austrian mountains with my dog Frieda.




stations & qualification

  • born 1972 in Linz/Austria.
  • academic studies (Psychology) at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • PHD at the University of Leipzig (Psychological Assessment)
  • Senior manager at a company for psychological and medical assessment in Munich, Dortmund and Hamburg
  • 2009 starting my business as psychologist for habitation near Hamburg/Germany
  • 2011 training and certificate as Home Staging Professional at the German Association for Home Staging and Redesign (DGHR)
  • 2015 publication of my first book “Ein Zuhause für die Seele – in fünf Schritten zum Wohlfühlzuhause” (Kreuz Verlag). (= A room for the soul – 5 steps to make your rooms your home)
  • 2016 founding a home staging business in Linz/Austria together with my sister.
  • Since August 2016 President of the Austrian Association of Home Staging and Redesign (ÖGHR).
  • July 2017 publication of my book “Ein Zuhause für die Seele” in South Korea
  • September 2017 publication of my second book “Glücklich zusammenwohnen: Die besten Tipps für Paare” (HERDER). (= Living together happily. The best tips for couples.)
  • July 2018 Winning the Award: Best of Home Staging – Industry Leadership of IAHSP (International Association of Home Staging Professionals)