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I love to speak to people about my passion topic – the psychology of rooms – and teach them how to create rooms that fit their needs!


If you are interested in one of the following speeches, or a speech concerning another subject out of the field of room psychology, please contact me.


The Power of Rooms: How Rooms Influence our Health, our Mood and our Relationships.

Everyone has experienced it: To come into a room and immediately feel comfortable. Or to step into a room and immediately feel uneasy. What is it in this rooms, that affect our emotions? How do rooms take influence on us and what are the consequences of this influence?

We spend more than 90 % of our lifetime inside of buildings – the rooms around us nowadays are the human habitat. And as humans we interact with our surroundings – we change it, but it also changes us.

Room psychology shows us the mechanisms of this interaction and helps us to design our personal habitat for our best.


A Home for Two: From a Grab Bag to a Happy Home.

When people fall in love with each other, they sooner or later want to move in together. But living together in many cases seems difficult. She loves country style furniture, he is more in industrial style; she loves to decorate, he is the clean and empty rooms type. The list of possible conflicts concerning questions of the use of rooms, room design and decorating seems endless.

Learn why moving in together often is a grab bag, in what way a couples home is a mirror of their relationship and why usually there’s more behind an argument about the color of the couch.

A keynote about the psychology of moving in together and how we succeed in creating a happy home for two.



I offer workshops for decorating and room design on the principles of room psychology and home staging. If you are interested, please send me an email.


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