the home-flow


The online course that helps you create your ideal home.



The home flow? What has interior design to do with a flow? Here is what:

flow: the state a person reaches when he or she is completely wrapped up in what the are doing and they have the feeling of being one with the world.

Designing rooms can lead to a flow: arranging the home creatively, one step resulting naturally from the previous one. Done right, the design of the rooms generates he feeling of being one with them because they fit in every aspect.

This course helps you reaching the flow – in creating and in using your rooms.
And this is why: The home flow.

So, if you want to…

… spice up your room design
… learn how to create big effects with small actions
… quickly change the „outfit“ of your rooms
… work methodically on your interior design
… find a harmonious and beautiful color scheme for your home
… put your furnishing to the test
… finally start that design project you have wanted to do for so long
… simply feel at home in your home.

Then The home flow is the right course for you.


My work consists of two main fields; both of them can help to reach the home-flow:

One is psychology of habitation. It can provide important insights into one’s own needs regarding one’s own rooms. The other is Home Staging. It provides certain techniques to achieve big effects with simple steps.

Home Staging is the preparation of real property for sale. Using furniture and decoration, in a very short time empty and bare rooms are seemingly turned into dream homes – potential buyers shall fall in love with them on first sight. However, the home staging techniques can also be used wonderfully to realize your own dream home.

The home-flow teaches you how apply the insights of room psychology and home staging techniques in your own rooms. You will learn how to create your very own dream home!


 How does the home-flow work?

Home-flow is a self teaching course. You can buy the course via digistore24. After your payment you will promptly recieve the course as a pdf-file. In it you will find 9 chapters including information, instructions, pictures and one task each, as well as general instructions and orientational information on the course. Additional there comes a book- and link-list.

I recommend that you work through the chapters in their given order, as the contents are progressive. For many participants a weekly schedule has worked very well: working through one chapter per week; some work through much faster. In the end, you decide how fast or slow you want to be yourself.

What’s in this course for you?

In 9 chapters you’ll receive knowledge as well as specific instructions to improve your rooms: we’ll start with an analysis of the current living situation; then I’ll show you how to organize all your stuff, create a fitting color scheme, find the right decoration and improve specific rooms such as living room or bedroom.

These are the chapters in detail:

  1. Analysis: How do I live?
  2. Increasing room: de-cluttering and organizing
  3. Rooms with a purpose: functions of rooms
  4. Everything is possible – or not? Working with color and color schemes
  5. The best: decoration
  6. Never enough: lighting
  7. The big 2: living room and bedroom
  8. Other (living!) rooms: kitchen, bath, entry.
  9. Conclusion and Outlook

The home-flow is a distance learning course – you will work through the chapters on your own. That means, you get to decide how fast or slow you want to be.



Course Overview:

  • 9 chapters
  • Text amount of approximately 100 book pages
  • Many illustrating fotos
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 9 tasks to carry out in your own rooms
  • Bonus material (further reading, link list)
  • And the result: FLOW!


What will the home-flow cost?

The complete course costs € 59.00 one-time payment (incl. VAT)


What this course is not:

The home-flow is not a professional training, neither in Home Staging nor in Room Psychology. It is designed to help you create your very own rooms at your home.


The course will be available soon!

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