Where do you have your TV?


Question: Where do you have positioned your TV?

Probably you say now: In my living room.

Next question: Where in your living room do you have positioned your TV?

Probably it is at that point in the room, where the antenna cable comes out of the wall. All right. Makes sense. Why place antenna cable all around your living room, if you can put the TV right next the antenna outlet.

You may say: So what? Of course the TV is placed at the antenna outlet. Why on earth not?



…did you ever wonder what impact the position of your TV has on the position of the furniture in the room? Because usually people furnish their living room as follows:

1. Where is the antenna outlet? That is the position of the TV.

2. From which position in the room do you have the best view on to the TV? There goes the couch.

3. Beside the couch the coffetable and the armchairs are put.

4.The remaining pieces of furniture go into the remaining space of the room (bookshelf, sideboard, whatsoever)


Now comes the next BUT:

Is the position of the couch in the room the best possible place for it? The place, where you really feel comfortable? The place, where relaxation sets in the moment you sit down on your couch? The place, from which you have a nice view out of the window? Or the place from which you can overview the room?

Often this is not the case. The home owners are sitting on their sofa and feel tense. Relaxation is far. And if the TV is not on, the couch is deserted. Why? This seems a mystery.

If you take a closer look, you will realize: The room seems cramped because of the position of the couch. Or: Sitting on the couch, people from outside can look you at the back, leaving you with an odd feeling. Or: It somehow is freezing on the couch, because there is a draught.


So try a little thought experiment with me.

Imagine your living room without the TV.

And now take a closer look: Where in the room would be the very best position of the couch? Give it a try! You don’t need to move your couch yet. Take a chair and place it on different spots in your living room, and sit down for testing. What does it look like from there, what do you see? What does this feel like?

Maybe you realize: Sitting on this side of the room would not be that bad. Maybe even much better! The room seems larger, the view is nicer, there is no draught. If this is the case, I recommend: Put the couch there. And the TV? Look for a position, which fits the new position of the couch. And than find a long antenna cable and place it around your living room. 🙂

(By the way: There are a lot of good techniques to hide antenna cable, e.g. behind mouldings)


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