A house from 1965 – before and after

German houses from the 60s often have a certain style and floorplan. They have a real hall and a huge living room with large windows offering a great view into a big garden, wooden floors and often wooden paneling.

And a lot of them are for sale now, because the owners, who often built the homes, are old now and leave their home due to health issues or because they move into a smaller home like an apartment.

The house I want to show you today is one of these houses and I was asked to prepare it for sale. At my first visit it looked like that:

A hall with wooden paneling and a wooden ceiling…

A large living room with two areas with the typical 60s windows….


Everything made quite a dark and dusty impression as the room was full with furniture, books and personal stuff plus different wallpapers.


The house had 3 other rooms at this floor:


Then there was the kitchen; it had been designed “new” in the 80s…


…an not to forget the bathroom:


The house had a second floor below with some cellar rooms, and two old home offices.

After removing most of the furniture and all of the personal belongings the painter changed all the walls to plain white.

I chose a color scheme with blue in different shades and a dirty yellow. This was accompanied by furniture in white and beige plus black accents. Some decoration and a few pieces of the old furniture completed the look and created a connection of the new with the old character of the house.

And this was the result:











Weitere Eindrücke:


The house found a happy buyer at the first open house day.

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